A Day in the Life of a Monitera Engage User

A Day in the Life of a Monitera Engage User

August 21, 2019 | 4 MIN READ
Sinem Isıyel
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Let’s take a closer look at how a Monitera Engage user’s normal day looks like.

Whether you’ve already started using Monitera for social engagement or you’re at least thinking to request a demo, it is helpful to know what a day in the life of a Monitera Engage user looks like.

Where to find unsolved cases

First of all, a Monitera user needs to use the special Monitera Engage panel and log in with their username and password. Once the log in is successful, they reach a page where they can decide if they’d like to connect a new network or start dealing with unsolved cases on the current social networks. Most users would have already connected all the necessary social media networks and they would click on “Panel” to start. A regular user is called an “Agent”. Once an agent goes online by logging in to Monitera Engage, the system assigns 5 unsolved cases to “Me” tab.

Monitera helps you concentrate on the task at hand

The agent then chooses one of these 5 unsolved cases. Once they click on one of the messages posted by somebody on a social media network, the system gives agent the option to respond/reply to this message publicly or send a private message. Agent chooses the best way to engage with the complaint. After communicating with the customer and solving the problem, the agent closes the case. Once a case is closed, the system automatically assigns new cases to “Me” tab so there is again a total of 5 cases. This way, Monitera helps the agent concentrate on a small number of cases at one time and be more productive. In addition, this method prevents different agents from dealing with the same case.

Monitera helps you remember the pending cases

Sometimes just one message to the customer isn’t enough. Some cases need further information from the customer before it can be solved. In this instance, the agent marks the communication as “Pending” so the case is transferred to “Pending” tab from “Me” tab. For example, if somebody posts a message online claiming they are having some issues with your product, you can reply them requesting their contact details. After you send this message, you can mark the case as “Pending” and continue to deal with the other unsolved cases under “Me” tab. Once the customer replies with their contact details, you can see their message on your “Pending” tab, solve the problem and close the case.

Monitera helps you remember your customers

Monitera Engage allows you to save personal information of a customer such as their name, email address and phone number. So, once you receive the contact details, don’t forget to save them in Monitera. This way you can save time communicating with them next time they post a complaint online. The information saved by an agent in the system are also visible to the other agents. Agents also can see details for the past interactions with this specific customer, take notes, and read the notes already written by the other agents.

Monitera gives you options

When using Monitera, you are not limited with “Me” tab. The “Open” tab shows you all the other cases you can deal with if you wish. You can select the cases you think that are more urgent and/or important and assign them to yourself. By doing so, the relevant case is shown in the “Me” tab. This way you can deal with more than 5 cases at once. Another option is to select the cases from “Open” tab and assign them to your team members.

Monitera allows you  to categorize the cases

Monitera has two types of labels. The first one is called a category. An agent can select a category such as “call center”, “cost”, “promotion”, “quality”, “logistics” etc. for a specific case. By doing so he or she can easily look at previous cases similar to the one at hand and see how the previous case was solved. Plus, by using categories, it gets easier to see what the most common complaints are, what are the most time-consuming issues and which areas need to be improved.

Labels come in handy when closing cases too. Agents can choose labels such as “solved by a public reply”, “solved over the phone”, “forwarded to call center” when closing cases. By using closing labels, the second type of label Monitera allows, it gets easier to analyze what are the most common solutions to the customers’ problems.

Monitera allows you to schedule

Monitera Engage has a snooze functionality which allows you to deal with a case later. If, for whatever reason, it would be better to wait for a certain period of time before communicating with the user, you can hit the snooze button and chose a period. After that period the case will be automatically shown under “Me” tab again.

Get your detailed reports

When you’re done with your daily work, it’s time to get a detailed report. The “Report” tab will allow you to get your statistics such as how many cases there are in total, how much time a case waits on queue on average, how much time was spent on average to close a case, which agents showed a better performance on responding and solving cases, and so much more. Keeping track of your performance by Monitera Engage will help you to be better in customer relations.

Give Monitera a Try

Monitera is not just a management center where you can carry out your brand's social customer relations management (Social CRM) functions in a practical and secure manner. Having a 10-year experience, Monitera also monitors, analyzes in depth and reports on more than 10 million digital channels including online news portals, blogs, social dictionaries, complaint portals and forums in addition to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can request a demo and see if Monitera is the right tool for you and your company.

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