Be the first to know about crises and opportunities

Alert instantly inform you about all contents that may lead to crises or direct your brand to positive interactions even if you don't monitor the digital world at all times.

Word-Based Alerts

Instantly informs you so that you can quickly take action when something is shared about the exact words or derivatives that you define.

Number of Retweets and Followers

Communicates everything shared by users with the number of followers or retweets exceeds the limit you set or posts that are retweeted more than the limit you set.

Special Users

Communicates everything about your brand shared by users from the list of only selected Twitter users.

Concentration rule

You will be the first to know when there is an extraordinary concentration on your contents.

User, Group, Page Rule

You will be the first to know about users, groups and pages created with your brand's name on Facebook and Twitter.

Search Engine Rule

Informs you when there is a change in search engine results of searches related to your brand.

TT List Rule

You will be the first to know before your brand's name is on TT List.

  • Vodafone

    "This helped Vodafone Turkey become more responsive to their customers and increase their customer satisfaction performance by 40%. "

  • Plasenta

    “Plasenta has undersigned many innovative projects based on social media research data and feedbacks received demonstrated an increase in their brands' satisfaction."



Wall enables you to monitor your social media feeds instantly, regularly and effectively