Be successful in your social media projects

We use our experience and support to help you get better results in your projects that address social media. We help you develop your project by determining technical requirements and critical points.

Social media project consultancy

We structure your campaigns and projects in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like social media channels on the basis of your expectations and data on your target audience.

Campaign relevance check

We determine the relevance of your campaign with your brand positioning and target audience by means of detailed analyses.

The logic and technical adequacy analysis of contests

We analyze contest process on the basis of your technical infrastructure and social media user behaviors.

Social media - CRM integration consultancy

We support you on integration of your social media channels with your customer relations management systems.

  • Vodafone

    "This helped Vodafone Turkey become more responsive to their customers and increase their customer satisfaction performance by 40%. "

  • Plasenta

    “Plasenta has undersigned many innovative projects based on social media research data and feedbacks received demonstrated an increase in their brands' satisfaction."


Social media terms of use

Set your own rules in the social media usage agreement and digital world!