We Optimize Your Social Media Communication!

All features in Engage enable you to have a better, easier and faster social media communication with your customers.

Monitera Engage


You can monitor the data in real-time and observe all immediate changes.

Case Management

Engage automatically groups all messages from the same customer together so that you can healthily manage the process.

Easy to Use

Engage has an advanced but user-friendly interface that is easy to use.

Team Management

Engage gives you detailed reports with many custom options, based on your data.

Advanced Filter

You can filter all messages based on many options.

Export Data

You can export all your data in Excel format.

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Contact Management

When communicating with your customers, you can easily see all the information you need so you can manage to process accordingly.

Past Conversations

You can maintain a consistent tone by checking all your previous conversations with that customer.

Customized Customer Card

You can save the customers data and customer cards as a reference for future interactions.

Easy Access

Engage has features that will speed up the process and therefore your productivity.

Quick Replies

Templates buy you time when replying to your customers and eliminate the risk of inaccurate messages.

Emoji Support

By using emojis in your messages to create a modern and creative social media language.


Engage eliminates any security concerns since it does not need you to share any passwords for your social media accounts to be managed.

Two Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication, people would need your permission even if they knew the passwords to your accounts.

User Management

In case of any changes in your team, you can rapidly update users’ authorization levels without any need to change your social media passwords.

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