Communication Process Consultancy

We support you in building your communication processes correctly on social media.

Performance Reporting

We provide detailed reports on KPI measurement and performance evaluation processes.

CRM and Call Center Integration

We ensure that all contact details and customer card information are integrated with your relevant systems.



Dashboards and reporting pages enable you to reach all updates.

Performance Measurement

We create a reporting system where you can measure your management performances and present this info to executives.

Admin Screen

We provide screens where you can measure the performances of each member in your team and see if your goals are fulfilled or not.

Setup and Training

Starting your social CRM process is easier than you think. We will be there for you whenever you need it.

Product Installation and Customization

Thanks to the flexible structure of our Engage product, we make the installation as much proper as possible for the processes we design and deliver it to you ready.

Training Support

After the administrative processes and product installation, we provide interactive training to your entire team.


“We have learned more about our existing and potential customers and established more relevant and fast communications with them on the social media. Now, we receive more positive feedbacks.”


Specific Integration

We carry out data integration processes specific to the systems you use regularly.

CRM Integration

We help you enrich customer data in your CRM system with all your contact details and customer card information.

Call Center Integration

We enable you to instantly transfer your customers' questions and complaints from social media to your Call Center system.


Without any need for authorization or password sharing, we eliminate the risk of answering your customers' questions from the wrong account.

Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication, we prevent even those who know your password from accessing your account without your permission.

User Management

We provide a user management system that does not require you to change the passwords of your social media accounts in case of a change in your team.

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