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Online media becomes more important than ever as a result of wider access and higher volume of user posts in the world and in Turkey. At the same time, the fast increase in the number of online platforms and the volume of posts make online media monitoring a challenge.

Monitera was founded in 2009 with the aim of helping brands access to relevant content accurately and quickly. Since then, we have constantly improved our products and services on the basis of feedback from many leading brands and agencies that we have worked with. The ability to carry out all improvements in-house helped Monitera be fast in meeting requirements.

Monitera works in collaboration with all companies and entities that are or want to be present on the social media. In addition to big brands of Turkey, Monitera's customers include digital agencies, PR and advertisement agencies, research institutions and call centers. With the know-how obtained from these collaborations and in addition to online media monitoring and reporting, we continue to be present in every step of brand strategies with new products developed on the basis of anticipation of requirements.

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Here, you can find a brief introduction to our managerial staff, the foundation of the team spirit and collaboration that make us who we are.

Harun Pekşen - Co Founder

Harun Pekşen

Co Founder

Metin Kahraman - Partner

Metin Kahraman

Co Founder

Pınar Gül - Account Executive

Pınar Gül

Brand Manager

Sinem Sevimli - Account Executive

Sinem Sevimli

Brand Manager

Şafak Karataş - Reporting Specialist

Şafak Karataş

Operations Team Leader

Seçkin Şimşek - Software Developer

Seçkin Şimşek

Software Engineer

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