Measuring Brand Perception

We help you to develop your digital communication strategies by measuring your brand's perception in the digital world.

Crisis Management

We instantly identify data that carries the potential risk of crisis for your brand and share the situation and spread analysis with you.

Social Media and Process Consultancy

We provide consultancy for you to manage your social media analysis, researches, and CRM processes better.



We prepare specific reports based on your criteria and the needs of the different departments in your company.

Brand Perception Analysis

By analyzing your brand perception in detail, we provide you with valuable information that will guide your communication strategy.

Competitive Analysis in Your Sector

We offer you the opportunity to evaluate and compare your brand by analyzing your competitors and the dynamics of different sectors, in addition to your own brand.

Reputation Management

We will always be there for you to help with any crisis.

Automatic Notification

In line with the criteria we have decided on beforehand, we detect the potential critical situations for your brand, and ensure that you are notified instantly.

Crisis Evoluation

In case of a crisis, we closely monitor the entire process and regularly inform you about the spread rate and risk potential.


“We establish genuine interactions with our customers on the digital channel they feel comfortable and create a ‘Wow!’ effect. We are so glad to create these Wows together with you.”



Social media has many opportunities to increase your brand awareness. We make you aware of these opportunities that will take your brand one step ahead.

Positive Communication

We make it easier for you to decide on your brand ambassadors and help you create a viral impact by engaging in positive dialogue about your brand.

Campaign Measurement

We analyze the reflections of your campaigns on social media, their spread rate, and the factors that contribute to this spread.

A Modern Interface

With easy-to-use monitoring and reporting interfaces, we enable you to see the results quickly.


We provide you instant access to the interface by the filtering options on the contents page, the smart dashboard, and the reports page.

Specific Integration

Monitera API enables you to transfer your data to your Call Center System or any other CRM systems.

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