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You can track more than 10 million sources in more than 50 languages, receive instant notifications and get detailed reports.

Monitera Listen


You can monitor the data in real-time and observe all immediate changes.

Mobile Access

The mobile access feature enables you to track all your data and notifications on the go.

Easy to Use

Monitera Listen has an advanced but user-friendly interface that is easy to use.

Data Classification

You can classify your data based on many options and get detailed reports.

Advanced Filter

You can filter all messages based on many options.

Export Data

You can export all your data in Excel format.

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Crisis Management

Monitera Listen helps you analyze the existing crisis and predict the potential ones so you can manage the process accordingly and turn the crisis into opportunities.

Keyword, Hashtag, and Profile Monitoring

You can monitor specific keywords, hashtags, and profiles to measure the extent of a crisis.

Instant Notifications

Thanks to the 24/7 notifications, you will always be the first one who knows the most important messages.

Real-time Insights

By considering the shares of which can be important for your brand, you can find the perfect opportunities for your company and create a viral effect.

Auto Data Classification

You can use our data classification services for your projects and analyze all your big data easily.

Specific Reports

You can get detailed access reports on a certain topic you need in a period of any campaign, advertisement or crisis.

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