Why Social Media Monitoring is an Absolute Essential in 2020?

Why Social Media Monitoring is an Absolute Essential in 2020?

December 24, 2019 | 4 MIN READ
Sinem Isıyel
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We live in a digital age. Many companies are now aware of the need to use social media effectively. Today, it is not enough to “talk” on the social media in order to beat your competitors though. You need to “listen” to what people are saying.

It is 2020 now. Fortunately, the years when we talked about why companies should use social media are far behind. Today, almost every company spends an important resource to reach their target audience through social media. Luckily for them, there are many social media management tools which allows to do this easily.

There is a new challenge however. Nowadays, companies are focusing so hard on what they have to say that sometimes they miss out on what's essential: What their customers say...

Would you go on a second date with someone who barely listened to you on the first? Of course not! So, if you want your customers to be loyal to you, you have to listen to them. The way to do this is through social media monitoring.

What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring a.k.a. social media measurement is to constantly compute the popularity and reputation of your brand/company etc. by extracting information posted on social media platforms.

Why do you I need social media monitoring?

There are many reasons why you need social media monitoring in 2019. Let’s dig into them:

1. It allows you to obtain precious feedback

Do your posts receive the reaction you want? What do people think about the last product you released? Do you need to change your social media strategy? It's easy to get answers to these questions and more of them with social media monitoring.

2. It allows you to create stronger bonds with your customers

People build stronger bonds with brands that they can touch and that touch them. Even a very hard criticism may return to a positive experience with an accurate, genuine and personal message coming directly from the brand. You have to monitor the social media so you can evaluate them when such opportunities arise.

3. It allows you to take measures before the crisis grows

By constantly monitoring the right tags and words, it is possible to prevent a crisis against your brand before it flares up. If certain words and/or tags about your brand start to be used very intensively, you would be notified of this. This would give you time to develop the right strategy before the problem grows.

4. It keeps you informed of your competitors

When you do social media monitoring, you don't have only customers in your target. You can also easily see what your competitors are doing on social media and how the customers respond to their social media strategies. Who knows, maybe you can turn a crisis they face into an opportunity for you own, if your opponents are too late to react.

5. It allows you to refine your marketing expenses

When you use social media monitoring, you can easily find out how much of your company's marketing strategies are working. This allows you to allocate more resources to the channels that work, and to allocate less resources to the ones you aren’t satisfied with. By doing so, you can use your budget more efficiently.

6. It tells you what certain demographics think about your brand

Amongst which age groups is your brand more popular? Who likes you better, men or women? Do you have a more positive image in big cities or in smaller ones? You can collect such information through social media monitoring and review your marketing strategy in line with this information.

7. It makes easier to find right partnerships

Social media monitoring offers you unique opportunities to learn about other interests of your customers. For example, let's say that people who have positive thoughts about your company also like some other specific company from another field. With this information, you can reach this company and organize a joint campaign and expand your customer pools easily.

8. It might be the best way to hire

With social media monitoring, you don't have to listen to just your customers and competitors. At the same time, you can meet with your future-employees who share your brand's values. By monitoring their posts on many social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, you can easily know if a person is a right match for your company or not.

What’s the easiest way to monitor the social media?

There are many tools that allow you to monitor the social media. One of the best social media monitoring tools is Monitera, which has every key feature you need for a professional monitoring.

Its keyword support ensures that you obtain the best results by optimizing key terms in your sectorial, brand and opponent search. Instantaneous classification feature makes sure that Incoming data is classified immediately using special classification options. In cases of intense traffic, it provides support and assists you with its operations team. It notifies you in case of risk-bearing posts reach a certain volume so you are first to know about a potential crisis. It also monitors your opponents and lets you know how you’re doing relative to then, by continuously comparing your follower profile and interaction performance with your competitors.

If you are new to social media monitoring, you’d probably love Monitera’s user friendly and easy-to-use interface. To know more about Monitera and try it for yourself, you can request a demo.

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