Being a part of Vodafone Group, one of the largest international mobile communications companies in the world, Vodafone Turkey has built an effective and measurable social media operation as a result of their collaboration with Monitera, which resulted in becoming more responsive to their customers.

Vodafone's Goals

  1. Conducting instant brand monitoring and awareness measurement on the social media.
  2. Establishing customer facing relationships on the social media, responding to customers' questions within the shortest time, meeting demands and solving problems experienced by customers.
  3. Customer profiling through social CRM integration.
  4. Ensuring instant measurement and team-based reporting of operational performance.

What did we provide to Vodafone?

  1. We helped Vodafone instantly access to brand-related contents by conducting keyword optimization with our Listen product. We made it possible to accurately classify data through categorization and directory works.
  2. We have established simultaneous access to all social media accounts of Vodafone and set privileges for each team member with different usage rights with our Engage product.
  3. We have created dashboards that ensure instant viewing of brand, performance and social media data for Vodafone with our Wall product.
Vodafone Social Wall

What did Vodafone accomplish with Monitera?

Having selected Monitera's Social Media Management Center solution that builds on the entire technology infrastructure, communication processes and vast experience of Monitera, Vodafone Turkey is now able to create manageable processes and report its data by using accurate metrics on a reliable platform.

“This helped Vodafone Turkey become more responsive to their customers and increase their customer satisfaction performance by 40%”

We have helped Vodafone improve team management efficiency by analyzing instant performance reports and channel the team to the concerning areas by determining areas of improvement instantly by the system. We have enabled Vodafone team access all information such as brand awareness, social media status, social media trends and customer communications performance through both built-in screens and mobile devices.

Furthermore, we have helped Vodafone instantly monitor all activities such as advertisements, contests and campaigns, and report data in an easy-to-understand format. This resulted in the ability to compare current data with the data obtained from past activities. Vodafone have renewed its processes by optimizing the entire digital strategy by using the capabilities offered in our services.

With our infrastructure that ensures 24/7 communication of extraordinary situations to Vodafone team officials, we have helped Vodafone take right actions in the right time.


“We have learned more about our existing and potential customers and established more relevant and fast communications with them on the social media. Now, we receive more positive feedbacks.”


“Plasenta has undersigned many innovative projects based on social media research data and feedbacks received demonstrated an increase in their brands' satisfaction”