12 Powerful Ways Social Listening Can Help Your Business to Grow

12 Powerful Ways Social Listening Can Help Your Business to Grow

May 28, 2019 | 4 MIN READ
Sinem Isıyel
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Whether private or professional, whether solo entrepreneur or company, social listening is an important aspect of web monitoring and thus part of online marketing. It allows you to listen to your target audience where they can talk about you or your business. From this you gain new insights and can react accordingly.

So, if you run good social media marketing, but social listening still lacks? We have a couple of good reasons for keeping your ears sharp for your audience.

This article, we are talking about 12 effective ways of social listening which can make your business to grow:

  1. Customer service
  2. Insightful feedback
  3. Effective lead generation
  4. Finding influencers
  5. Conversations about competitors
  6. Recognition of silent signals
  7. Targeted marketing campaigns
  8. A better understanding of the brand needs of customers
  9. Innovation management
  10. Maintain your reputation
  11. Purchase Decision Factor
  12. Recruitment

Know the Benefits of Social Listening in business

The benefits of social listening are obvious. It is like at school: whoever listens attentively also gets a lot of attention and not infrequently gets the better grades. Properly used, social listening provides valuable knowledge for companies that can be used profitably for marketing.

Thanks to the listening in real time, it is possible companies to observe what is happening in social media comprehensively. So, you get very soon a comprehensive picture of your own reputation in the network.

1. Better Customer Service

As long as you monitor how and what your audience is talking about, you can respond quickly and in the worst case, stop a shitstorm before the outbreak. But in this case, the watchful eye can simply serve as an eye-level companion to your satisfied target audience and interact with it.

Social media users have many options in social media to express their views and share them with the world. As a marketer, you can look into the minds of potential customers through conscious social listening. Also get their opinions on your own brand, your competitors, product weaknesses and product strengths.

2. Insightful feedback

If you listen carefully, you'll quickly find out what your customers like and what they do not like. Where else is there a need, what would you like to get from you or not see anymore? Social listening act as great tool for getting the best insightful feedback of your customers that helps you to make desirable changes in the future.

3. Effective lead generation

Most companies use social media to generate traffic and increase reach. Only a small part generates sales. This is where social listening comes into play. This gives you the opportunity to see how your own business develops over time and, if necessary, draw conclusions from it.

Because, as Bob Parsons, founder of domain registrar GoDaddy, once aptly put it: "Everything that can be measured and observed can be improved."

This also applies to the generation of leads, i.e., the successful initiation of contacts with potential prospects via social media. There are different approaches to lead generation, which you should implement in your strategy as needed and meaningful.

4. Finding Influencers and Proponents

Who is the most involved in your community, who has many followers and a high trust factor? You will be able to identify the influencers of your vertical by following your community closely via social listening.

5. Observe conversations about competitors

By including in your monitoring also your competitors, you will learn a lot about customer opinions on the product in general and can read what the users like and what not. This can also show you your own competitive advantage from the user's point of view.

It is important that you have your competitors of course leave their terrain and you are not allowed to impose. If there is a good opportunity, you should use it and offer help or answer open questions.

6. Recognition of silent signals

Capturing different silent signals is becoming increasingly important in communication. Social listening helps to identify what topics are discussed in the industry and what expectations customers place on the products and services of the industry.

You can thus anticipate future trends and always stay up to date. It's an important part of doing business, developing products, and targeting marketing to listen to customers and stay up-to-date.

7. Ability to develop targeted marketing campaigns

The use of social listening allows you to develop targeted marketing activities. Target market research provides an opportunity to correctly use the presence on social media platforms and fully navigate everything that happens in the community.

8. A better understanding of the brand needs of customers.

The use of social listening leads to a better understanding of the brand needs and preferences of the company's customers. With this understanding comes the improvement in audience targeting. If people do not perceive your brand as you would like, you can change this opinion through social media.

9. Product and Innovation Management

The social listening provides businesses with a lot of valuable information on the silver platter that can help them to improve their own products. It also helps in better target the needs of their target audience.

Exchanging users are public in the social web about your needs, wishes and ideas and even provide concrete suggestions for improvement. By means of social listening these ideas and suggestions can be recognized and made usable.

10. Maintain Your Reputation

The reputation of a company can be queried very well through social listening. Because social listening makes "audible", which you do not notice in print clippings: a direct echo. You can see from the reactions, how the company is perceived in public.

In order to gain the trust of the users, it is especially important to react proactively to the "heard". This benefits the company's own reputation.

11. Purchase Decision Factor

It is the most important client insight that you can get from social listening. Suggestions that are left on any social media platform provide detail of your product or brand, which leaves a great impact on buyer choices.

12. Recruitment process

Individuals post on social media platform about everything, including when they are searching for a job. For hiring talent, this is an ideal chance for any recruiter to connect with potential candidates while sparing heaps of time. Social listening does great job in this area also.


Above all, social listening helps you to discover and follow conversations about your company and your brand in social networks, even outside your own channels. In combination with the monitoring of your own channels, you get a very good overview of the awareness and acceptance of your brand.

So, use these performance indicators and integrate the learning into your communication and sales strategy. Gradually, you'll notice how much easier you can do with effective lead generation, and how that information will affect your customer service and competitive advantage.

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