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How can I do multiple classification?

You can classify your shares on your list by Sentiment, Category, Custom Tag, and Label from the Data Classification screen.

We previously mentioned about the details of this steps on our article on "What is classification and how to do it?"

You can classify your content on the Data Classification page as singular, or you can make a faster classification by classifying the same type of content as multiple. For multiple classifications, you must first activate the "Multiple Selection" field from the top menu on the Data Classification page. This allows you to multitask using both the Select All and Classify buttons from the drop-down menu.

With the Select All button, you can classify all the content you see on the page at that time with your existing filter and exclude some content. You can classify 25, 50, or 100 content in bulk based on your number of content shown on the page. When you press the Select All button, all selected content is painted in green. From this selection, you can remove content that does not meet the bulk classification criteria from the selection list by clicking on the avatar image, so that the content you exclude will be restored. You can then classify all the content you selected from the Tone, Category, and Custom Tag fields in the top menu and save multiple.

Classify Button allows you to multiplely classify more than 100 content, and with this button you can classify up to 1,000 content. In order to operate with this button, you must have made a filter on the Data Classification page. For example, you can view content that contains text in the same pattern, all comments that fall under a particular Instagram or Facebook post, and all the content you'll take action on, etc. Then you can select all the contents that match this filter by pressing the Classify All button. You can then classify all content with the corresponding filter by selecting fields such as Tone, Category, and Custom Tag, and pressing the Save button.

Before using the Classify All button, you should make sure that the filter you make is correct and that the selected content is 100 percent in compliance with your classification. With this process, you will have classified a lot of content in one go.
You can also use Multiple Classification operations on the Data Editing page when editing your previously classified content.