Listen Features
Answers to your deatiled questions
Is there a date filter in the dashboard?
Dashboard is where you can monitor the data in real-time and observe all immediate changes. For this reason, it includes the 24 or 12-hours filters an..
What is classification and how to do it?
Classification is the process of evaluation and analysis of the data considering your sector, interests, or competitors on social media.  Listen - You..
What is search?
Search is the title of which includes all of the contents and searching activities of the brand or the topic. A brand’s all keywords are searched in t..
What is sentiment?
Sentiment is the first of the selection-based options and includes five different elements in between positive and negative, which are positive, posit..
How can I see my current searches?
We suggest for you to read on Search/ Selecting Profiles [] in Listen for..
What is category?
Category is the second of the selection-based options. It helps you to choose which subsection of the brand fits for the contents. For example, the co..
How can I remove a search from shortcuts?
You need to display all your authorized searches through the search button for removing the previous searches in the first place. If the search is in..
What is label?
Label is the last of the selection-based options. It helps you to choose which features such as general like, pleasure, complaint, critique, and infor..
What is a custom tag?
Custom tag is the last step of the categorization process and it is free text rather than a selection-based option. Custom tag helps you to create m..
How can I instantly notice important contents ?
You might be monitoring all the contents about your brand through Listen. Yet, grasping all the content will take your time. That is why you need to b..
How can I change the notification settings on the app?
If you download the Listen Mobile App on your device and login with your email, you will receive all manual and automatic alerts of which you get thro..
How can I do multiple classification?
You can classify your shares on your list by Sentiment, Category, Custom Tag, and Label from the Data Classification screen. > We previously mentione..