Listen for Beginners
Basic information and tips that you need
Listen for Beginners
Are you wondering what are the hot topics in social media about your brand or sector? Listen would come through for your such needs. You can monitor,..
Listen Login
Your searches are identified and you are ready to login to Listen. It is great! If the email does not arrive, you should check your spam folder. If y..
Search/ Selecting Profiles
Congratulations! You are logged in to your Listen account. You will be automatically redirected to the Dashboard page immediately after your logging..
Dashboard is the page that helps you see the instant status of your brand and observe important topics instantly. You can reach it by clicking on the..
Contents is the page where you can display all the shares about your brand or the topic that you listen on the online platforms. It is possible to r..
Reports page provides you to display the latest graphs about your brand or the topic that you follow and prepare a detailed report. It is possible t..
Alert Rules
One of the other sections of Listen is the Alert Rules page. These rules help you to be aware of critical and crisis related contents for your brands ..
How can I create my alert notification lists?
You need to complete the integration process or create the notification lists for using notification rules. You can complete the integration process..
How do keyword rules work? How can I create it?
Keyword rules work as in case of letting you know when your brand’s name and some critical words are mentioned together. Some sectorial or brand-relat..
How do retweet rules work? How can I create it?
Much retweeted shares are candidates for future crises. Displaying such tweets about your brand instantly is important to notice a potential crisis be..
How do reach rules work? How can I create it?
Reach Rules enables you to follow your brand or sector with instant notifications on the latest shares about you by important users. For creating rea..
How do user rules work? How can I create it?
Crises are mostly caused by posts from users with high follower on Twitter. Therefore, it is very important to be informed quickly if a user with a hi..