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What is a custom tag?

Custom tag is the last step of the categorization process and it is free text rather than a selection-based option.

Custom tag helps you to create more in-depth divides for each of the shares and to make more extensive reports with detailed analysis.

Let’s assume that we decided that a complaint for a GSM company is about services and its sentiment is negative. We classify the data by selecting the category as Service and the label as Complaint. Now, we need to detail the title of “Service” in the category part. If this complaint is about the phone reception, we can use such a label;or if it is about the bills, we can use such a label either.  We can also use both the custom tags of “bill” and “package name” if such a complaint is about a specific package so that we can get detailed reports whichever we want.

More than one tag can be used for a content.

For using a not-used tag during the classification process, you need to write and save the new label tag with a comma in its end on the “Select Tag” tab on the Classification page. In this way, you will be added a new tag in the system and ready to use. From now on, this tag will become available for further contents.

You can select on the pre-existed tags during the classification process.