Listen Integration
Necessary information to integrate the data into your own system

How can I do the Listen Slack integration?

You need to create a Slack URL for transmitting the contents, which are compatible with the alert rules.

You can see how to create this URL through Slack through this link:

You will complete the integration step after you create this URL by following these steps:

  • Please go to the profile settings by clicking on the settings button, which is on the top-left.
  • Click on the “Integration” option, which is on the menu in your profile settings.
  • Select the “Slack” option on the Tip section on the page you encounter.
  • Write down the name of this list on the details part. For example, you can write “Customer Services” if those in this channel are part of the customer management team, who are responsible only for complaint management; or, you can write “Digital Marketing”, if those in this channel are the digital marketing team.
  • “v1.0” should remain selected in the version part.
  • Besides, you need to copy  the url of which you created through Slack as it is and past it under the Url part.
  • Lastly, click on the “Add” button so that you have just started the first step of the Slack integration.
Now, you can create a new rule through the Alert Rules part on the left-menu or add this list to the existing rule. For further information, you might look at the article on “Alert Rules”.