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How can I activate two-factor authentication feature?

Thanks to Two-Factor Authentication, you can have more secure account on Monitera.

You can activare 2FA structure by using the following steps:

  • The first thing to do is to loggin through
  • After you loggin, you need to enter to Profile- Information section by clicking the top right button with the initials of your first name and surname.
  • For activating 2FA, your first job is to save your mobile number. You need to enter your number under the title of "Phone Number- GSM Number" without "0".
It is important that you enter your number correctly as verification messages will come to this phone.
  • Once you have entered your phone number, a verification message will be sent to your phone and a window will open where you can enter the security code in the message.
  • When you enter this code successfully, your phone number will now be saved in the system.
  • Then you should check the box next to Enable Two Factor Auth - Activate Two-Step Verification and press the Update button.
You have now activated two-step verification. Each subsequent login transaction will send a 6-digit security code to your phone and you will be expected to enter it.
If you want to reactivate two-step verification after activating it, you should login again via, point to Profile - Information, uncheck the box next to "Enable Two Factor Auth - Activate two-step verification" and press the Update button.
You can also edit or delete the phone number you added at any time. You can also do this with the "Edit - Change" and "Delete " buttons to the right of the box written by your phone number.