Listen for Beginners
Basic information and tips that you need


Contents is the page where you can display all the shares about your brand or the topic that you listen on the online platforms.

It is possible to reach the Contents page by clicking on the second button of the left menu on the main page.

All shares are ordered from old to new. You can display a specific number of shares through various filters and transfer to excel or html. Transmissions can be done through "the Export to File" button on the main page of Contents.

You can filter according to date, keyword, sentiment, category, label, and source in the Advanced Search section. Before proceeding with Advanced Search, you can filter by using Show Media and Featured Contents on the main page.

When you click on the Show Media button, images and videos in shares will be available to see.

Featured Contents helps you to filter the users’ tweets, who have many followers and can change the public opinion about what the topic is, as soon as possible. This list is designed by Monitera and it includes the Twitter accounts of  politicians, artists, writers, journalists, and news agencies.

You can instantly see the source of the contents by whom with her or his avatar and when the share is done through the Contents page.

You can share a specific content with a list or an email address through this screen as it is shown below.

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