Listen for Beginners
Basic information and tips that you need


Dashboard is the page that helps you see the instant status of your brand and observe important topics instantly.

You can reach it by clicking on the first button of the menu to the left of the Listen screen.

  • You can monitor the sentiment changes of the latest 24-hour and display how negative and positive shares cause a distribution.
  • Share Change graph provides you whether or not there are any changes on the number of shares in the last 12-hours.
  • Twitter Details provides you the total number of tweets, unique user stats, Twitter content types, Hashtags, and counts of the last 12- hours.
  • You can also see how many of the total tweets are mentions and RTs and how many of them contain hashtags. Besides, you can reach the list of the highlighted hashtags and the number of shares.
  • At the far right of the Twitter detailed information field, you can see the list of featured hashtags and the number of shares.
If you click on the highlighted hashtags, you can see the list of these hashtags on the side tab through the Contents page.
  • There is a tag cloud named Last Mentions in which you can display the most used words about your brand on Dashboard.
  • The graphs of Brand Perception-  which is prepared based on the sentiment changes and Top 10 Users, who have several followers and share about your brand- will be on this page.
  • There are most retweeted and featured contents,  important shares of important followers, and the shares delivered as manual alerts  in the Breaking section.
Now, you can move to your trip on Listen by our article on Contents.
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