Listen for Beginners
Basic information and tips that you need

How can I create my alert notification lists?

You need to complete the integration process or create the notification lists for using notification rules.

You can complete the integration process for following the steps through your profile settings:

  • Go to profile settings the settings button, which is on the top left of the screen via.
  • Click on “Notification Lists” from the menu.
  • Put a name on your notification list and click on the Add button. For example, if ones in this list work in the complaint management team, you can put a name as “Customer Services”, or if they are a digital marketing team, you can put a name as “Digital Marketing” to your notification list.
  • For adding or removing any other names in future, you need to click on the Edit button.
  • You will see the list of authorized names for this search in the page you are in. You can select the little box next to the names to add your list or you can add new email addresses to add new names.
  • You can save the latest version of the list by clicking on the Save button on the right.
Your list is now ready to use for Alert notifications!
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