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How do retweet rules work? How can I create it?

Much retweeted shares are candidates for future crises. Displaying such tweets about your brand instantly is important to notice a potential crisis beforehand.

The limitations of the number of retweets in this rule depends on the sector and the brand. Your brand representatives in Monitera will guide you on this issue.

For creating the Retweet Rules:

  • Go to the Notification Rules page and click on the Add Rule button.
  • You need to write the name of your alert rule under the title of “Rule Description”. This will be on the subject line of the instructional mail you will send when you want to follow or edit this rule. For example, you can label it as “Acme Retweet Rule” for the brand named Acme.
  • Then you need to select the mailing list, which will receive the notifications of this rule. This notification list might be a mailing list, Slack channel, or your services. You need to create a notification list for selecting your choices.
  • In the next step, you need to select “Retweet” under the title of Rules and write the limitation of the retweet number in the box you see.
  • You can set an alert rule by clicking on the Create button in the last step.

For example, if the Acme brand wants to get alerts when there are more than 10 retweets, they can create such a rule as in the following.

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